Angel Card Reading & Meditation

This session can be done online or in person.

Angel card reading and meditation is a lovely healing treatment which allows the participant to receive healing, guidance and clarity from the angels. This treatment is deeply relaxing. The treatment begins by having an introductory chat. What follows is a gentle meditation to assist the participant to release any stress, strain or worry so as to ensure they are nice and relaxed and at peace for the reading (the participant has the option of lying on the plinth or staying in the chair for this). The participant then chooses angel cards and Debbie gives guidance relating to the chosen cards. This is a deeply healing and personal experience which will assist to bring clarity and insight to the participant.

How long will a treatment last and how much will it cost?

A treatment will typically last approximately 1 hour and will cost €120.

Where will treatment be carried out?

Debbie carries out her treatments in the Heart Wings Holistic School, Laraghcon, Co. Dublin, K78 X4P5.

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