Angelic Healing

Debbie is no longer taking clients on a one to one basis at this time

What is Angelic Healing?

ang-HealingAngelic Healing is a very powerful healing system. It incorporates universal life force energies and the energies of the Angels. The healing itself is a very relaxing and restful experience. Angelic Healing can bring a deep sense of peace, ease and calm to the body and to your life. The healing occurs on a very deep level and it can assist with healing issues and situations in your life which are deeply entrenched within the psyche. The benefits of Angelic Healing can be seen and felt on all levels and it is excellent in removing blockages in the chakra system and allowing the flow of positive life force energy into the body and energy field. Fear, stress and anxiety are some of the causes of blockages within the body. This healing system supports the body and allows the body to heal itself. Angelic Healing is a safe and effective healing system.

How is a treatment carried out?

The participant lies on a plinth fully clothed for the duration of the treatment. Blankets are provided to ensure that the participant is comfortable and cosy. The angelic healing is channeled through the hands of the healer to the chakra points on the body or to where the healer is guided. There are 7 main chakra points situated on the top of the head (crown chakra), forehead (third eye chakra), throat area (throat chakra), middle of chest (heart chakra), under the sternum (solar plexus), just below the navel (sacral chakra) and the base of spine (base chakra). Care is taken only to place the hands in appropriate areas.

What will the participant likely experience?

Like any energy healing, no two healings will ever be the same nor will the experiences of any two individuals. From my own experiences in carrying out healings I know that most people will find it deeply relaxing and restful. Clients often report feeling very well and grounded and deeply rested at the end of a session.

Debbie is no longer taking clients on a one to one basis at this time

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