Weekly Angelic Meditation Classes online and in person

Angelic Meditation, Heart Wings Lucan evenings (Starting back Jan 2022)

Venue :
Heart Wings Holistic Centre, Lucan, Dublin

Day :
Every second Thursday eve

Time :
7pm – 8.45pm

Cost :
€22 per session

During these sessions there will be a general introduction and chat followed by two guided meditations. The first guided meditation is specifically to assist you to release stress, worry and their accompanying symptoms from your body and after this we have general feedback.

The second guided meditation will be based on the theme of the evening.  We also send distant healing which is really simple and easy to do, you basically are shown how to send positive energy to anything or anyone in your life that you feel could benefit from some angelic help and assistance. I will talk you through this.

Each week you will get an opportunity to focus on what you’d like to bring into your life and what you’d like to release from your life (this is personal to each person and will not be shared with the class). It allows you a space to fully engage with you thoughts and to put things in perspective.

Finally participants get a chance to pick angel cards for general guidance for themselves and the week ahead. Tea and coffee will be provided after this, it’s an excellent opportunity to meet and get to know like-minded people.

We are currently also including crystals in these sessions. This means that during each class you will be given an opportunity to work with a different crystals and you get a chance to experience the crystals unique energy and healing properties. Crystals are a fantastic aid to your own meditation practice and can assist the body to heal and release stress on all levels. You don’t need to have any experience working with crystals to attend these sessions.

This is a beginner friendly class, no experience is necessary.

NB There are limited spaces so please ensure to inform me beforehand if you would like to attend.

Tara Angelic Meditation Classes

Venue :
Hill of Tara Open Studio

Dates :
Starting back in Jan 2022

Time :
To be set

Cost :
€25 per session

These events are an opportunity for you to relax, rest, release, reconnect, rejuvenate, refresh and renew. The intention of these evenings is to bring healing, help, support, guidance and assistance to wherever you need it in your life. We work with the ancient sacred energy of Tara, the Archangels and most importantly your own Angelic healing team. This is a class for all levels from beginner to more experienced.

We start the night with a powerful guided meditation specifically to release stress, conflict, anxiety, fear and anything else which is preventing you from connecting with peace and calm.

After this you will be encouraged to spend a few moments reconnecting with yourself and writing your intentions or something particularly important for you in life at this time (your goals, intentions, something you need extra support with) this is not shared with the group. This is an extremely important aspect of the evening. By consciously bringing your awareness to something you’d like to draw into your life you are empowering it, sending a strong, clear messages to the universe, angels to bring it in! Also by bringing your awareness to something you’d like help or support with, or that you’d like to release, you are inviting with intention the powerful loving energy of the angels to support, assist, protect or bring about healing for the situation or whatever you’ve asked for. We then do a guided healing meditation based on the theme of the night.

After this you have an opportunity to send distant healing to anything which is troubling or worrying you. This is very easy to do and Debbie will talk you through this.

To finish you will have an opportunity to choose some angel cards for guidance and I will do a short reading for you if you wish.

These evenings cost 25 Euro and it is important to book your place as there are limited places. You can do this by emailing Debbie@angelicconnections.ie, or by phone/text 0863949117.




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