Family Constellation

Family constellations is a form of ancestral healing that helps reveal the hidden dynamics in a family dynamic or relationships to address and heal them. It was developed by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist, who discovered that many of the problems that cause our suffering were actually entanglements within our family system.

He found that every family system has natural laws, or Orders of Love, which govern the health of the system. When these laws are violated in some way the family system will rebalance itself by re-membering those who have been excluded through entanglements with those alive today. These entanglements may be experienced as depression, addictions, mental or physical illness, infertility, inability to thrive or to maintain long term intimate relationships etc.

The issue or original disturbance can have its roots in the ancestral past and could be impacting our present lives without us knowing it. The basic idea is that any issue or challenge has a root in the ancestral past and by working on and releasing the original disturbance we heal the system and release the old ancestral patterns allowing and restoring the flow of life force energy.

These dynamics once revealed may be fully acknowledged and integrated back into the system, restoring balance and the natural flow of love.

I hold monthly Family Constellation Workshops together with my co-facilitators Mark Donohoe and Joanne Anderson.

Facilitators: Debbie Boyle, Mark Donohoe, Joanne Anderson

Venue : Heart Wings Holistic School, Lucan, Dublin

Upcoming Dates : 12th February, 11th March

Time : 10am to 5pm

Cost : €90 per session

Phone : +353 86 394 9117

Email :

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