Online Angelic Crystal Healing – 8 Week Course online

Date :  Wednesday the 16th October 2024 (mornings)

Cost : €250 for course including full chakra crystal pack

Time :  10am till 12.15pm
Venue :  Live and recorded online zoom class

This powerful course is designed for those who would like to develop and explore the angelic and crystal energies. This is an online course run on zoom.  Each week participants will be emailed the manuals and I will post out the crystals to each participant at the beginning of the course so you will have them to work with through out the 8 weeks.  Each week you will receive specific healing techniques and meditations.  All classes are recorded so you can tune in and watch at your convenience.  Participants are not required to be present for the live classes.

This is a deeply healing and informative workshop. This course is a foundational course leading onto practicing as a angelic crystal healer. There is opportunities to train further beyond this level. It is open to one and all from beginner to those who have more experience with angels, crystals and meditation. Over the 8 weeks you will have an opportunity to develop and explore your connection with the angels and the healing crystals. We will work through the body a week at a time allowing deeply transformational healing to occur.  If you have ever considered learning about crystals, angels and developing your divine connection, then this is the course for you.

This course will be of benefit to the following
• Anyone who would like to learn about angels, angelic healing, crystals and crystal healing.
• Anyone who would like to learn to meditate (or support with meditation),
• For those looking to self-explore or develop a deeper understanding and connection with themselves and the divine.
• For those who would like to develop their intuition and spiritual/psychic gifts.
• Anyone looking to counteract the effects of stress on the body.
• For those who would like to put time aside every week for their own personal and spiritual growth.
• For those who would simply like to invest in self-care and healing ( a specific issue or generally)

What’s covered on the course.
• An Archangel a week and their healing properties, 8 Archangels in total. These include Archangel Michael, Archangel Ariel, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Haniel, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Seraphiel
• Guided healing meditations to assist and support your own development and your connections to the angels and crystal energy
• Healing angelic techniques to work with each specific archangel
• A crystal a week and learn about its healing properties (8 in total tigers eye, Red jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Rose Quartz, , sodalite, Amethyst and Clear Quartz,)
• Connecting and working with the crystal healing in conjunction with the angels
• Healing techniques to activate the crystals
• How to cleanse and clear the crystals
• How to charge the crystals
• The Chakra system – a chakra a week and how the angels and healing crystals can help support and heal different parts of the body
• Healing techniques working with the individual Archangels
• Healing techniques for working with the crystals

What you will receive
• Weekly online attunements to support you to connect and channel the pure healing energy.
• Full manual covering all the information on the workshop (this will be given on a weekly basis covering the information for that segment of the course.)
• 8 tumble stone crystals and information relating to each crystal.
• Certificate of completion on completion of the course (you must have attended a minimum of 6 of the 8 weeks)

This workshop costs €250 and includes 9 crystals (sent by post), manual (emailed out) and certificate of completion.  

A booking deposit of €100 is necessary to confirm your place as spaces are limited.  The booking link is Angelic Crystal 8 week course.  If you would like to book your place or would like to know more information in relation to the course please email or ring/ text Debbie on 0863949117.

Angelic Crystal Healing one day follow on (only for those that have completed 8 week course)

Date :  Saturday the 24th of August 2024

Cost : €150 for course including two crystal points

Time :  10am till 5pm
Venue :  Heart Wings Holistic School lucan, Dublin

This one day workshop is for those that have already completed the 8 week online Angelic Crystal Healing course with Debbie. This workshop is run in person in the Heart Wings and you will be shown how to do an angelic crystal healing on family and friends working with the crystals and Archangels energy. It includes two crystal wands, manual and certificate of completion. There will also be deeply healing guided angelic crystal meditations.

During this workshop we cover

  • How to use the crystals for self-healing
  • How to scan another’s energy field using the crystals
  • How to do basic crystal healing with family and friends,
  • How to energetically clear the plinth with crystals
  • Healing techniques working with the Archangels and crystals
  • Sending distant healing with the crystals and archangels energy.

A deposit of €100 secures your place on this course, or you can pay the full amount of €150. There is a reduced rate for members of the online community €130. To book your place please click on the link

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