Personalised Healing Angelic Meditations

Debbie is no longer taking clients on a one to one basis at this time

What is it?

This is where Debbie will record a healing angelic meditation specifically for the client based on their individual intentions and needs at the beginning of the session.

How is a treatment carried out?

This is an online session. Debbie will speak with the client to ascertain their intentions and needs. It is advisable that the client is in a quiet space where they are unlikely to be disturbed. Debbie will then record a meditation specifically for the client working with their angelic healing team. This will be emailed as an audio file to the client. This means that the client can listen to the meditation whenever they are drawn to it. This healing treatment is very powerful and can support the person if they are:

-Preparing for a particular event,

-To heal and release something of significance,

-To support a deeper connection with the angelic energy or developing a spiritual gift,

-To work through a challenging time.

What will the participant likely experience?

Each experience with the healing angelic energy is different but normally people are deeply relaxed and at peace. Each meditation will be unique to the individual and what they are focusing on releasing, healing or preparing for in their lives. The meditation aims to empower, support and encourage the person through their healing experience.

Debbie is no longer taking clients on a one to one basis at this time

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