Guided meditation with the Angels of Peace

I was invited by the lovely Trina keane onto her “Tuesday night club” on zoom this week to do a special meditation for Peace with the angels of Peace.

Trina asked if I would facilitate this meditation as she and I both felt that it was very needed at this time. There is so much fear and uncertainty around and many are struggling and afraid. This meditation may be supportive to anyone who may be finding it hard going at this time and feels drawn to reclaim and reconnect back to a sense of peace. During the meditation we invite the angels of Peace to support the listener to reconnect back to peace. At the end of the meditation there was an opportunity for the listener to shine the energy of Peace around those who are suffering at this time and into areas of the world that need it the most.

The meditation starts at around 3.30 minutes and lasts for about 25 minutes. It’s deeply healing and supportive for anyone in need at this time. It doesn’t matter if you have never done anything like this before just relax and follow my voice as much as you can.

The meditation was part of Trina Keanes “Tuesday nightclub” which I would strongly recommend. She’s an amazing host and her Tuesday night clubs are informative, interesting and enjoyable 🙌🏻🌟🌟
Feel free to share 🙌🏻🌟🕊😇

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