Live free angelic meditation on the 21/06/2020 to celebrate Solstice and New Moon

On Sunday the 21st of June Debbie Boyle will be holding a free live angelic meditation in the Tara Open Studio to celebrate the Solstice and new moon alignment from 7pm. Click Link here to go straight to event

The solstice is a special and powerful time, a time of celebration as the light is at its strongest and longest throughout the day. Also the new moon is aligned to the Solstice giving us a rare opportunity to work with the new moon energies and the full energies of the Sun! The new moon being a time of new beginning’s, beginning again, conception of new life or new way of life. What better alignment then will the full power of the sun shining down on this new beginning, the Solstice being a time of manifestation and completion

Every ancient culture acknowledged and celebrated the solstice. A cross quarter day in the ancient calendar it is a great opportunity to reconnect with yourself and ancient sacred land of Tara. We will also of course be working with the angelic frequencies that reside here and in our hearts. The Solstice is a great time to reaffirm your intentions and goals and realign yourself with your path. On this the brightest and longest of days you will have an opportunity to allow that light to radiate deep within your core, encouraging deep healing and alignment to peace.

During the first guided meditation you can allow yourself to release and let go of any conflict, stress or worry within you (anything that is not peace). We will be holding a space for awakening the light and love energy in our bodies allowing us release anything which is blocking or holding us back and allowing us to embrace our truest selves, bringing light to all aspects of life.

There will be a time of reflection during the meditations and participants will be encouraged to write down their intentions for the months to come.

The second meditation is a guided meditation, during this we will work with the Archangels and ancient sacred energies of Tara to bring deep healing and guidance to your body and life and to bring you on a journey of personal self-discovery

Finally I will choose some guidance cards for the group. Debbie will will go live from this event so ensure to keep tuned in.

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