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Believing in Angels

Art by Courtney Davis Do you believe in Angels? Would it help to know that whatever life throws at us we have a Guardian Angel who is watching over us? How can we be sure? And if there are Angels around us how do we connect with them? I spoke with Carol Dooley from Sunshine 106.8 and we covered all of the above in this extended interview. Feel free to like and share this podcast, it’s a longer version of today’s interview on the radio.

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All about the Angels with Debbie Boyle and Trina Keane

I recently spoke with Trina Keane (Wise and Ageless Goddess) as part of her November Bliss. We spoke about the angels, how you know the angels are there, your angelic healing team, the archangel that works closest with you. How to ask the angels to help you. If you would like to know more please check out the interview.

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