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Heart Chakra interview with Carol Dooley from Sunshine 106.8

For those that missed the interview I did with Carol Dooley from Sunshine 106.8 about the Heart Chakra.  You can hear the full interview now here.   During the interview we spoke about the heart chakra, how to help and heal this part of your body. We also covered the crystals that can help heal your heart chakra and attract more love into your life such as Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Rhodonite etc. I also mentioned the Archangels Chamuel and Raphael who can be of tremendous support for healing the heart chakra.

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Sacral Chakra interview with Carol Dooley, Sunshine 106.8FM

Continuing through the chakra’s with Carol Dooley from Sunshine 106.8, I spoke about the Sacral Chakra (creative force of the body). This is a powerful part of the body aligned with our creative force, from big bang to baby’s cry everything begins here!! This chakra is connected to our emotions, passion, creative force, motivation, the moon and much more. I also spoke about the crystals that can support this part of the body and how to charge your crystals under the full moon. Archangel Gabriel also got a mention as I find this archangel is really healing and supportive for…

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