Throat Chakra interview with Carol Dooley from Sunshine 106.8

For those that missed the interview I did with Carol Dooley from Sunshine 106.8 about the Throat Chakra.  You can hear the full interview now here.  

During the interview we spoke about the significance of the throat chakra. Why its so important, what it governs, how to unblock this area if you feel unable to express your true self.

We also covered the crystals that can help heal your throat chakra and support true communication in your life such as Sodalite crystal, Blue Lace Agate, Turquoise and Celestite.

I also mentioned the Archangel Haniel who radiates the vibration of Grace and who can really support this area. This archangel really supports a deeper connection with crystal healing as well. Feel free to share this interview with anyone you’d feel would benefit from hearing it.

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