Fully Qualified Angelic Energy Healers

The following healers have successfully completed the Angelic Energy Course (level 1 to 4) and all requirements and have consistently demonstrated the highest degree of competency to be certified Angelic Energy  Healers.  All are fully insured as Angelic Healers and I personally would recommend and stand behind each one of them.

Harriet Massey

Practicing from Wicklow and South Dublin, also taking online bookings
Email harrietmassey@hotmail.com
Phone Number 0035387757 2175

Deirdre O’Donnell

Practicing from Cellbridge, kildare and taking online bookings,

Phone Number 0035386163 3314

Anne Halligan

Practicing from Drogheda, Co Louth
Facebook:  AnneHalliganPeaceReclaimed
Email:   Peacereclaimed@gmail.com
Phone Number:   00353879340936

Joanne Pasternak

Practising from Enfield, Co Meath and taking online bookings
Facebook: AngelicLightHealing
Instagram: @angeliclightenfield
Email: angeliclightenfield@gmail.com
Phone Number: 00353857297295

Melanie Taylor

Practicing from Portmarnock, Dublin and Clonsilla, Dublin 15 and taking online bookings,

Website: Thewhollygrail.com,
Facebook: The Wholly Grail
Instragram: @thewhollygrail
Email thewhollygrail1111@gmail.com
Phone Number: 00353879149204

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