Introduction to Angel Cards & Using the Pendulum

Date :
26th May 2021 (4 week online Course)

Cost :
140 Euro (Does not angel cards or pendulum)

Time :
10am till 12.00

Venue :
online on Zoom

This 4 week online course is a fantastic way for you to learn how to decipher the loving messages and guidance of the angels. 

The classes are on zoom and recorded, participants have access to them afterwards. This allows participants to attend regardless of location. Also, on previous courses some participants didn’t attend the live classes and watched the classes afterwards when convenient for them. Whether you are attending live or not you are included in everything we do once you have registered.

Weekly manuals are also provided (emailed out) covering all the information that we cover during the classes. Participants also have access to all healing angelic meditations that were covered and any extra information covered during the course in the recording.

On this course we cover :

  • Meditations to prepare you to do an angel card reading
  • Why use Angel Cards
  • How to clear the angel card deck and center yourself before a reading
  • How to interpret the guidance you receive.
  • Deciphering the symbolic meaning of the cards.
  • Doing a reading for yourself.
  • Doing a reading for someone else.
  • When not to do an angel card reading or work with the pendulum.
  • About the pendulum.
  • Working with the angels and the pendulum.
  • Why you should use a pendulum.pendulum
  • How to use a pendulum.
  • Clearing energy with a pendulum.
  • Using a pendulum to locate lost or missing items.

You will also receive a manual (emailed out weekly ).  A booking deposit of 100 Euro deposit secures a place.  There is a reduced rate for members of Debbie’s online community so please check in with Debbie if you are subscribed to her weekly classes as you are entitled to a reduction in price.

N.B. It is the right and discretion of Deborah Boyle to interview a potential participant.

For further details or to make a booking, you can contact Deborah on: +353 86 394 9117 or

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